School Administrative Assistant Accused of DUI While Driving School Van

While I have heard of some unusual DUI charges this one might be one of the most unique. In Knoxville, Tennessee an administrative assistant was cited for a DUI but not because of drunk driving. Toni Gioioso was pulled over after authorities received a call of “erractic” driving on a local highway. She was driving a King’s Academy van. Deputies witnessed Gioioso cross the double yellow line multiple times almost striking other vehicles head on. After the police turned their emergency lights on Gioioso passed several places in which she could safely pull over.

After being pulled over, Gioioso did not smell of alcohol but her eyes were bloodshot. Here eyes were also dilated and show very slow movement. Gioioso agreed to field sobriety tests and failed them. She was then taken into custody. Here work records show no past concerns related to drug or alcohol abuse. She is currently restricted from operating school vehicles.

Luckily, there were no children in the school van when she was driving recklessly. Here in Los Angeles we have thousands of school bus drivers and parents are constantly worried about the safety of their children. When it comes to drunk driving or driving under the influence remember that alcohol is not the only intoxicant that can impair driver. Portland DUI Lawyer Andy Green explains in Oregon the citation is a DUII which stands for driving under the influence of intoxicants.

In Los Angeles, most people think a DUI can only be issued if an individual blows a 0.08% or higher in terms of alcohol. Remember that drugs and other stimulants can severely impair driving. Heck, even after taking Benadryl or other types of medicine I feel groggy. Before heading out on the road remember to make certain you are capable to drive. If you are any bit concerned that you are not there are plenty of Uber drivers all over California that can help you get from point A to point B. Have you heard of someone in California getting a DUI for an intoxicant besides alcohol? I would love to hear about that situation in the comments below.


Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Caught on GoPro

While many people out there are using a GoPro for fun activities like skiing, mountain climbing and stand up paddleboarding there are other uses for this type of technology. Recently, in Los Angeles, a motorcycle accident was caught on tape with a GoPro. The video was captured by the motorcycle driver that was knocked off the road by another rider.

Sherwin Ramos was driving his motorcycle along the Los Angeles Crest Highway when another rider, who was driving on the wrong side of the road, was headed right at him. The two riders did not collide as Ramos swerved to get out of the way on the rider on the wrong side of the road. After getting thrown from his motorcycle Ramos sustained a foot and ankle injury that caused him to need a cast for the next several weeks.

This type of accident can be very scary and many Los Angeles drivers have been put in this situation. We are often left wondering what to do. Should we swerve and injury ourselves and our passengers or should we just hope the other vehicle gets back on their side of the road.

Motorcycle and sport bike accidents are a little bit different than major car and truck accidents. Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer David Azizi says that motorcycle accidents are some of the worst because the drivers of these motorized vehicles do not have the protection that drivers of cars, trucks, vans and SUVs have. When driving in a car you are protected by metal and glass. You are not protected by this metal and glass when you are on a motorcycle. You can learn more from Mr. David Azizi in this YouTube video:

If you have been in a motorcycle accident in the past please comment below and let me know about your experience. Did you sustain major injuries? Did it discourage you from riding again? Did you get more protection for the next time you hopped on a bike?


2 LAPD Cruisers Collide in San Fernando Valley; 3 Officers Taken to Hospital

A car crash between two Los Angeles Police Department cruisers.


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Three Los Angeles Police Department officers were taken to a hospital Tuesday after a police cruiser slammed into the back of another in the San Fernando Valley, officials said.

Two Los Angeles Police Department cruisers were damaged in a crash on Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014, in the San Fernando Valley. (Credit: KTLA) Three Los Angeles Police Department officers were injured when two patrol cars collided on Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014, in the San Fernando Valley, officials said. (Credit: KTLA)

The crash occurred shortly before 6:20 p.m. near the intersection of Corbin Avenue and Chase Street (map) in the Winnetka area, the department said.

The officers “were flagged down” and “one vehicle started slowing down” just before the collision, said LAPD Capt. Maureen Ryan.

None of the officers were seriously injured, according to the Police Department. Authorities had initially said only one officer was hospitalized.

Aerial video showed significant damage to the front of one car and rear of the other.

The vehicles were en route to a call, with their…

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Driver killed in crash with parked big rig

Big rig crash with a Volvo. This is sad.

CHULA VISTA, Calif. — A driver was killed Monday when his car veered off a South Bay freeway and plowed into a parked big rig.

The man lost control of the 2000 Infiniti Q30 for unknown reasons on northbound Interstate 805 in Chula Vista shortly before 8 a.m., according to the California Highway Patrol.

The car hit the back of the commercial vehicle just south of H Street, becoming wedged under its trailer and breaking its real axle.

The motorist died at the scene. His identity had not been confirmed as of this afternoon, CHP public-affairs Officer Sanchez said.

The wreck caused heavy congestion in the area for several hours.

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A promising first step for those with spinal cord injury: Further reading on electrical stimulation and how it’s helped rats (and one human!) walk again

This is a wonderful resource to explain the steps to recovering from a spinal cord injury. I have had family members that have suffered from this type of injury. Check it out!

TED Blog

Gregoire Courtine shares the story behind his work at TEDGlobal 2013. It begins with: an encouraging mentor. Photo: James Duncan Davidson Gregoire Courtine shares the story behind his work at TEDGlobal 2013. It begins with: an encouraging mentor. Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Grégoire Courtine and the scientists in his lab helped a paralyzed rat learn to walk again, voluntarily, through a treatment that combined drugs, electrical stimulation of the lower spinal cord, the support of a robotic arm and a little bit of chocolate. When their study appeared in the June 2012 issue of Science, it sparked a lot of excitement. Articles in Scientific American (“With Willpower, and a Jolt of Electricity, Paralyzed Rats Learn to Walk Again”) and The New York Times (“In Rat Experiment, New Hope for Spine Injuries”) followed, as did a segment on ABC News (“Paralysed rats on ‘incredible’ road to recovery”).

[ted_talkteaser id=1860]Today, Courtine shares the story behind this work. The keys to his breakthroughs: a riveting call…

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Do You Have to Drive in Los Angeles Traffic?

This is something I have never enjoyed but I have to fight it twice every single day. Do you have to fight Los Angeles Traffic on a consistent basis? If so, how many hours does it take you to get to work? Is it worse in the mornings or in the evenings? My sister has had to sit in two hour traffic several times in the month of June. I am not certain I could handle that. So, what about you? Do you avoid it? Where is it the worst?

Just last week, July 4th weekend, I had to sit in traffic for hours. I left work a little bit early on Thursday and ending up not getting home until well after 7:00 pm. Sometimes I wonder if it is even worth it to leave work early on holiday weekends. I think my new strategy is going to be to come into work late and stay even later. Maybe this will help to avoid some of the traffic in and around Los Angeles. What are your strategies? Do you get to work at 9 and leave by 5? I would love to know how you avoid this complete headache.