School Administrative Assistant Accused of DUI While Driving School Van

While I have heard of some unusual DUI charges this one might be one of the most unique. In Knoxville, Tennessee an administrative assistant was cited for a DUI but not because of drunk driving. Toni Gioioso was pulled over after authorities received a call of “erractic” driving on a local highway. She was driving a King’s Academy van. Deputies witnessed Gioioso cross the double yellow line multiple times almost striking other vehicles head on. After the police turned their emergency lights on Gioioso passed several places in which she could safely pull over.

After being pulled over, Gioioso did not smell of alcohol but her eyes were bloodshot. Here eyes were also dilated and show very slow movement. Gioioso agreed to field sobriety tests and failed them. She was then taken into custody. Here work records show no past concerns related to drug or alcohol abuse. She is currently restricted from operating school vehicles.

Luckily, there were no children in the school van when she was driving recklessly. Here in Los Angeles we have thousands of school bus drivers and parents are constantly worried about the safety of their children. When it comes to drunk driving or driving under the influence remember that alcohol is not the only intoxicant that can impair driver. Portland DUI Lawyer Andy Green explains in Oregon the citation is a DUII which stands for driving under the influence of intoxicants.

In Los Angeles, most people think a DUI can only be issued if an individual blows a 0.08% or higher in terms of alcohol. Remember that drugs and other stimulants can severely impair driving. Heck, even after taking Benadryl or other types of medicine I feel groggy. Before heading out on the road remember to make certain you are capable to drive. If you are any bit concerned that you are not there are plenty of Uber drivers all over California that can help you get from point A to point B. Have you heard of someone in California getting a DUI for an intoxicant besides alcohol? I would love to hear about that situation in the comments below.


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